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Available in 30, 50, 75, 120 & 300 ml

Rosemary, Mint Shampoo

Rosemary, Mint Conditioner

Lemongrass, Lime Body Wash

Lemongrass, Lime Lotion

Juniper, Sage Body Wash

Juniper, Sage Lotion

Lemongrass, Lime Bath Bar, 40 & 60 g

Ylang Ylang, Blood Orange, Verbena Bath Bar, 

      40 & 60 g

Fragrance Free Facial Bar, 40 g

Pink Love Bath Salts, 40 g

Standard Accessories


  • SLS/SLES free; Silicone Derived Emollient free; Parabens free; MCI/MI free; Phthalates free; 

  •  Fragrance free; Petrolatum/Mineral Oil free; Formaldehyde Derived Ingredient free

  •  No Animal Testing.

  •  RSPO soap with vegetable soap base.

  •  Biodegradable, safe to the environment.

  •  All products can be made available in bulk and retail sizes for hotel spa. 

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