Simplicity Dispenser
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Product Details

Features of Simplicity Dispenser

• Simple but yet delicate design, with smooth edges

• Convenient and functional design, easy to install and hygienic

• Smoothly pumping out system, not easy to plug, no leakage, reduce waste

• Protect environment, save energy while reducing the amount of waste

• Install in a few second. Install either with using screws or nail glue free

• The bracket is made of strong ABS material, durable and matched with

PE+ rubber material, showing elegant texture

Simplicity Product Range

Shampoo: Using a mild formula without Silicone Oil. The shampoo is blended with polyquaternium-7 and antistatic agent, it will strengthen and condition your damaged hair. This shampoo will give your hair volume and make them smooth and shiny.

Conditioner: Rich in Olive Oil, it improves the tangles and leaves the hair soft and smooth. With the Cetrimonium Chloride, the conditioner has antistatic effect to improve the manageability and create a beautiful glow.

Bath Gel: Deep cleansing and moisturizing bath gel with mild formulation. With polyquaternium-7, the bath gel will leave your skin beautiful and glossy.

Body Lotion: Rich in Ahnfeltia Concinna Extracts, the lotion gives good moisturizing and smoothing effect, your skin will be supple, soft and glowy.

• No Silicone Oil

• No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

• Paraben free

• No Mineral Oil

• No Phthalate

• Formaldehyde Derived Ingredient free

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