Epure Dispenser
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Product Details

• Ergonomic design

• Three component solution: a housing, a front cover and

a product cartridge

• Tough ABS-plastic housing and front cover makes a ”simple to mount” and ”easy to clean” dispenser, that withstands daily use

• The 320 ml PP-cartridge is equipped with a cap to ensure the dispenser will not drip

• The cartridge is installed in a few seconds

• Together the three components create a logical

dispensing-system, with a modern and elegant look

• By offering a modern and ergonomic design to the dispenser, Epure satisfy the customer expectations

• Convenient set up

• Cost saving

• Reducing the amount of waste

• Save time by changing the bottle only a few times a year

• The dispenser system will favor and support hotel sustainability efforts and image


Think Eco-friendly

Epure comes from the will to protect our planet and try to

have eco friendly initiatives. Dispenser users benefi ciate:

• Economically : Cost savings and cost effective when

compared with the small bottles. The average volume

for each press is 0.8ml.

• Ecologically : Reduction of waste amount

• Hygienically : Closed soap dispenser system vs. open

system (avoidance of cross contamination, touch free)

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