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16-05-2008 Ming Fai Raises HK$800,000 for Sichuan Earthquake Victims 16-05-2008

Following the 7.8 earthquake in Sichuan May 12th which killed 50,000 people and left hundreds of thousands of more victims 

injured and homeless, Ming Fai staff members gather to raise money for the earthquake victims.

As of May 16th, staff members throughout the company donated a generous collective sum of HK$800,000. Ming Fai Group 

Chairman Mr. Ching Chi Fai, formally presented the check to the Hong Kong Red Cross for the victims in their time of need.

Ming Fai has taken a role in taking responsibility to its own country and has shown active response in the tragedy. In the 

present and the future, the company will do their best to make significant contributions to support the relief, 

reconstruction and disaster preparedness operations in the affected area. On behalf of the Ming Fai Group’s staff and 

workers, we wish for a swift recovery for the injured and hope that the survivors can rebuild their home as soon as